Shark Took Her Arm, Not Her Faith

Saying losing her arm to a shark attack was "God's plan for her life," teen surfer Bethany Hamilton is riding a " Wave of Amazing Grace" says the USA Today.

I'm not sure I buy her theology, but in a week when a Nebraska teen was caught with a gun and 20 bombs at his school, the profile on Hamilton gives you some hope for today's teenagers.

And there is a sense that she and her family have their heads screwed on straight.

Hamiltons got a new surfing contract, and book and movie offers--which will give she and her family--described as "laid back, blue collar" by USA Today, a chance to basically hit the lottery and make millions off of her injury.

Here's what her dad, a waiter, had to say:

"We want to take care of Bethany. We want to buy her a piece of property on Kauai. We want her to have money if she decides to go to college or if she'd like to start a business.

"But honestly, her mother and I would just as soon this never happened and live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of our lives."


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