Bad Stem Cell Writing

A couple weeks back I posted about this new bioethics report from the Presidents Council on Bioethics and how it would lead to simplistic religion reporting.

Here's an example from the Christian Science Monitor from a story on cloning.

For years, cloning has pitted religious conservatives against medical researchers. Conservatives view all human embryos as life and, thus, oppose research that destroys them.

Medical researchers, on the other hand, see the stem cells that embryos provide as promising avenues to cure some of humanity's most intractable diseases.

Are there no medical researchers who are concerned about the implications of cloning?

Are there no medical researchers who are religious conservatives?

Are their no religious liberals who are concerned about cloning, or liberals of any stripe who wonder if cloning is at least a morally questionable thing to do?

And are there no medical researchers who think that embryonic stem cells are all they are cracked up to be?

According to this piece, apparently not.


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