You Paid What For Those Shoes?

I wasn't going to blog today, really I wasn't.

But this piece from the Chicago Tribune--Confessions of a Personal Shopper was just too much.

Sarah, the woman featured in the piece, boasts of dropping "more than a grand" on four pairs of shoes, and spents close to 5 grand on a couple of new outfits in a transformation overseen by personal shopper.

"I am totally open to an overhaul," she says, "because I think it's very cleansing."

Oh please. How about a shower instead. Or some Metamuecil.

I'm pretty open minded about matters of faith and values and personal choices, but this kind of excess drives me nuts.

There's no morally viable reason for spending a grand on 4 pairs of shoes unless you are outfitting the space shuttle crew or some firefighters about to walk through a pit of molten lava to save a baby.

Imagine this--you get to the end of your life, and you stand before the deity of your choice to make an account of your life. I'm not sure eternity is enough time to explain why you needed those shoes.

Don't even get me started on the $2,500 outfit she bought.


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