Best title for a religion story award of the month goes to The Ha-Ha-Hallelujah Comedy Movement, a story on Christian comedy clubs in DC that ran in the Washington Post. Clubs like Hyattsville's Gospel Live restaurant where, according to the post:

comedians have been joking for Jesus while patrons dine on "right righteous crab cakes" and "sing praises T-bone steak" during "Holy Comedy" nights hosted by comedian Nita B. >

A few other stories to make you smile.

Cathleen Falsani of the Chicago Sun Times covers a =Christian comic book creators summit and offers a list of operating instructions for her newborn niece.

A chaplain at a retirement center learns a a new way to communicate to Alzheimer's patients about God.

Now this one's a serious story, but it comes from a weekly paper with a great name, Creative Loafing. Written by a former religion writer, it's about the loss of liberal voices of protest from clergy in Charlotte.

Here's why one pastor says he quit fighting::

at a time when the issues are becoming more complicated, when people of good will can disagree about the foreign policy of the country, or the pros and cons of homosexual marriage, he tries to balance the desire to speak
out with the need to preserve the unity of the church.

"Sometimes you just can't help it," he says. "But in this climate, I don't go picking fights."


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