The Dangers of Shopping Carts

I took the day off from freelancing today and got some badly needed sleep. Then I took my two youngest kids to the park, and then to the grocery store for hot dogs.

Big mistake. I forget to pack snacks, and it close to 1pm (too late for snacks), so right in the middle of the store, Marel, whose 2, blew a head gasket.

I walked over to comfort her, just as she started kicking her legs in the cart seat. She connected in the wrong spot, and I about keeled over. If I hadn't been holding on the cart I'd have been flat on my back.

Who designed these things? There ought to be a warning sign, in 100 Point type--Dads--Do Not Approach this Cart without Propoer Protective Attire. You'll lose something worse than an eye.


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