Hager the Horrible

Time Magazine piece on Dr. W. David Hager, a Kentucky OBGYN whose tenure as an FDA advisor has been controversial seems to be cribbed from this protest letter posted by The Revealer SIX WEEKS AGO.

That doesn't stop an intrepid Time reporter from claiming that "sources" have told them that Hager will be appointed to head the Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee, as if it were an exclusive scoop. Rather than reporting on Hager, the article takes a wink-wink, nudge nudge tone -- Hager is "scantily credentialed" (a long time practicing OBGYN, he's only a 'part time" University of Kentucky professor) and, get this, wrote a book about "the restorative power of Jesus Christ in one's life." (The book was about how stress can affect a woman's body.)

Hager is also "prolife. "

I bet he sacrifices chickens in the backyard too. And beats his wife.

If Hager were a preacher who was appointed to this committee based on a doctor of ministry degree (or DMIN) than this would be cause for alarm. He's an OBGYN, a practictioner in women's reproductive health. Beside's noting that he won't prescribed birth control for unmarried women, the Time article, and all the reporting found by The Revealer, haven't shown any evidence that Hager is unqualified as an OBGYN or is some kind of quack.

Maybe he is a quack. Do some reporting and find out. Find patienst who've been harmed by his practice. Show some evidence that his religious views have harmed patients, or are completely out of the mainstream, instead of being unpopular. There are lots of scientists and doctors who are hired guns, who sell their reputations to the highest bidder--anyone advising the Bush administration on the environment or missile defense comes to mind.

Is Hager is this kind of doctor? We don't know. Nobody bothered to check.


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