Listen to the UCC

Rev. J. Bennett Guess, editor of the United Church News, was on Wisconsin Public Radio this morning, talking about the UCC ad controversy .

A couple of key points he made:

  • the UCC is not "a perfect church"
  • the main message of the ad is hospitality--"Jesus didn't turn people away," he said, "and neither do we."
  • the ad is aimed at people who feel disaffected from the church
  • according to their research, 50% of Americans feel estranged from the church
    the definition of grace is "getting more than you deserve"
    the UCC has filed FCC complaints, because the airwaves belong to the people

After reading some of the heated debate over these ads in the comment sections at Get Religion and the Revealer , it was refreshing to hear a long, in-depth conversation on the subject.

Ben is a colleague in church journalism circles, and a thoughtful and committed Christian. The interview is worth a listen, even if you disagree with him.


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