A Humbler Reggie White

"Sometimes when I look back on my life, there are a lot of things I said God said.
I realize he didn't say nothing. It was what Reggie wanted to do. I do
feel the Father ... gave me some signals ... but you won't hear me
anymore saying God spoke to me about something -- unless I read
something in scripture and I know."

Reggie White

Tom Krattenmaker reports on a contemplative Reggie White which ran on the NFL network a few days before White's death.

These quotes didn't run in White's obituary but maybe they should have. They say perhaps more about the health of parts of American Christianity that most would like to admit--especially about being less of preacher and more of a motivational speaker.

"Really, in many respects I've been prostituted. Most people who
wanted me to speak at their churches only asked me to speak because I
played football, not because I was this great religious guy or this
theologian ... I got caught up in some of that until I got older and I
got sick of it.

"I've been a preacher for 21 years, preaching what somebody wrote or
what I heard somebody else say. I was not a student of scripture. I
came to the realization I'd become more of a motivational speaker than
a teacher of the word."



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