A confession.

About a week ago, after much wrangling back and forth with Jeff Sharlett over at The Revealer, , an essay of mine on AIDS in Africa and some recent criticism of Uganda's ABC program was published. It's a good piece and an important topic. I was looking forward to some rigorous and thought provoking debate on it.

Then along came Josh , who has called me a fraud, an liar, a f*cktard (not sure what that is) and stunted intellectual with ego issues, as has, while repeatedly misquoting them, accused the souces I used of academic dishonesty and fraud. So the rigorous debate has basically degenerated in to a pissing match between the two of us. I've even taken to mocking him on his website. It's not exactly a very Christian thing to do, and wiser man would ignore him.

But, as my episode with the garage door demonstrates, I'm not exactly brimming with wisdom these last few days.

In my own defense, I did try very patiently to have an adult conversation with Josh in the comments section. Unfortunately he is a true believer (though not the Christian kind) and I should know better than to try and reason with him.


There are much worse things happening in the world today, and worrying about nitpicking over a blog essay seems like a waste of time, doesn't it?


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