A Few Religion Reporting Questions

A couple basic religion questions I'd like to see someone ask John Kerry and Bishop Gene Robinson.

As Slate.com points out, Kerry's not supposed to take communion because of his pro-choice stance on abortion. Kerry's been told not to present himself for communion by Archbishop Sean O'Malley of Boston and Bishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis

But does Kerry care? I've not seen any reports on 1) whether he goes to mass or not; 2) what parish he attends if he does; and 3) if he takes communion. Simple questions that a reporter following Kerry could find out. The answers would help us decide if this is a real story, or just a case of Bishops O'Malley and Burke trying to get their names in the paper for something other than the sex scandal and to win favor with their conservative supporters.

Someone should also ask the bishops if they have ever denied communion to a politician or if their priest would deny communion to those who present themselves?

And someone should ask the honest Bishop Robinson what he's going to do when one of his priests leaves their spouse and set up house with a lover?
How is he going to find the moral authority to discipline a priest in that case, when thats exactly what Robinson did?

There was a hint of how difficult this will be when he accused five other bishops of violating their ordination vows for holding an unauthorized confirmation service.

No matter where you stand on the issue of homosexuality, someone has to ask these kind of questions. If a bishop is unmarried and living with a lover, a practice the church has seen as sinful, how can they have the moral authority to chastise or discipline their clergy, which is one of a bishops key role? And its a question that many stories on Robinson, like this long piece CBS did on him, have completely ignored.


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