Emails From Satan

Satan's getting pretty desperate these days. The the fame, fortunne, and hot babes must not be working. Now he's offering cut-rate mortgages.

At least that's the message in an email I got yesterday:

In a message dated 5/14/2004 4:02:36 PM Central Daylight Time,
satan@YUPIERE.COM writes:
Hi bsmietana@aol.com,

Lowest Mortgage Any nwhere!
~ No Fees ~
~ No Obligations ~
~ No Commitments ~

How does 1.95% sound to you?

Hoax, you say? Well not according to the note at the end of the email:

The transmission of this email was sent in accordance with the
Can Spam Act of 2003 Section S.877. The source and routing
information attached to this message are accurate.

Alas, I don't think even Satan would want to lend me money. Either he's a complete nincompoop or he's not reading my credit report.


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