A Thankful Heart

It's spring and time for a number of award contests for Christian journalists, and it's been another good year for The Covenant Companion, where I work.

We won six awards from the Associated Church Press this year. Not all the stories are online yet, but as soon as they are, I'll post some links.

Four of the awards went to pieces I wrote, so I am especially grateful.

This has been a great time in my writing life, as I've gotten to do some very rewarding and enjoyable pieces, like this one on a new book out called Shadowmancer.

It was a huge hit in the UK, and the author, a Yorkshire vicar who sold his motorcycle to pay to have the book initially self published, has the kind of background story (like JK Rowling writing Harry Potter in coffeeshops while her baby slept because her apartment was too cold) that most successful young adult or children's authors seem to have.

I'm also getting the chance to write about a new documentary, which I will get to see in a few weeks with some young Sudanese men who've been resettled in the US as refugees.

I'm not sure what I did to deserve this good fortune, but I am trying to remain thankful each day for what I have received.


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