Wigs, a Saint, and a Hero

Too much whinny blogging from me, that's for sure. So here's a few stories that are much more interesting that reading my meanderings.

The Trib had a story about a fascinating theological dilemna among Orthodox Jews.

Are sheitels (wigs that many Orthodox Jewish women wear)made of human hair donated imported from India considered kosher or not?
It seems the question came up because most hair from the Indian wigs comes from a Hindu temple.

Over in the Sun Times, Cathleen Falsani wonders if a murdered priest born on the city's Northwest side was "good enough to be a saint."

Here's the lead:

The Rev. Carl Schmitz, a strapping, rough-and-tumble, man's man who fought for what he believed and didn't take guff from anybody, doesn't fit the stereotype of a pious, meek, retiring saint.

But to those who knew him, Schmitz, a Chicago native who was murdered 16 years ago on the steps of a Roman Catholic mission on an island in the Philippines, is a modern-day saint. Literally.

And before you go, say a prayer for Donald Hauser-Richerme, a six-year old boy from Chicago Ridge who jumped into a pool to save a little girl. Her got her out, but got stuck himself.

He's now clinging to life at a local hospital.


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