Right Wing Satire

News flash--Spiderman is a box office hit. Michael Moore says it's a conspiracy. That's the news at ScrappleFace.com, a right wing satire site.

The Moore story's a pretty good one. Not quite the Onion's "Reagan Pyramid", but not bad either.

Here's a bit:

"It's not just the cynical timing of the release of Spider-Man 2," said Mr. Moore, "but the movie endorses the unilateral and so-called righteous use of power to overcome so-called evil."

If the Moore story isn't enough to make you chuckle, try this site, "Let Them Sing It
For You"
. Some Swedes have put together this sound art project, with one word clips from pop song. You type in a message, and out pops a song, each word sung by a different artist. It's a hoot.


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