Cleaning Out My Email

With a couple of pressing deadlines in the last week (and a few left to go), I've been behind on the blogging. Here's a few stories that have been stuck in my email:

  • Trading prophets for "profits" a group of investors have decided to "deliver" Grand Canyon University from financial ruin by making it the first for-profit Christian college in the US. Grand Canyon's new chancellor is Rev. Tommy Barnett of First Assembly of God in Phoenix. Reverend Barnett was asked whether a for-profit Christian college violated the Bible's injunction against trying to serve both God and mammon. "If you use mammon for good purpose," he answered, "then there is no reason in the world not to make profits."
  • The pastor of a megachurch in North Carolina resigned after admitting he plagiarized sermons.
  • This site offers tips on Missionary Dating
  • Jesus host a talk radio show in LA

One other thought. David Anderson, a longtime religion writer and editor of Religion New Service is retiring this week, and will recieve a lifetime achievement award from the Religion Newswriters Association. I first met David about five years ago at a meeting of the Associated Church Press, when some editors and writers were having a few beers and smoking a few cigars in the hotel lobby, and having a wonderful evening of laughter and conversation.

A great reporter and editor, David gave me some of my first freelance assignments, and I'll always be grateful to him.


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