We don't do Ecumenism

Southern Baptists "don't do ecumenism, " Martin King, a spokesman for the Southern Baptists' North American Mission Board
told RNS recently.

The SBC has declined to join
Christian Churches Together
a new group trying to bring "Catholics, mainline Protestants, Orthodox Christians, black churches, evangelicals and Pentecostals together" in the US for a more united Christian witness--like the one suggested by Jesus--of all people--in John 17 .

But working with other Christians isn't on the SBC adenda.

<,b>We just don't see that it would help us in our efforts to help our Southern Baptist churches share our understanding of how to be saved, so we have no plans to participate," King told Religion News Service.

Is this the outcome of a "purpose driven life" instead of a Jesus-driven life?

I'm just wondering.

Not to gloat, but the Covenant Church has joined up, one of the earliest evangelical groups to do so.


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