"Christians are forever practicing weird forms of evangelism because we don't know how to have friendships with regular folk."

Greg Horton wonders why Christians don't try something new and original-- getting to know their neighbors.

A little more from Greg's entertaining and ornery blog the Parish :

Their religions or philosophies or politics or naughty words intimidate us, make us uncomfortable, put us into BibleMan mode, force us to quote Hank Hanegraaff...whatever the case. We pass out tracts because it takes a long time to get to know someone. We distribute Jesus videos, take surveys, pass out water on the corner, wash dogs, drag mediocre rock bands into public parks, concoct any dog and pony show we can to get our neighbors' attention.

And what if someone never buys into your faith? Can they be your friend anyway, or is friendship just a means to the end of evangelizing them? No one wants friendship under false pretenses.


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