''The Gospel tells us to be fishers of men, but too often we become keepers of the aquarium."

That's Archbishop Sean O'Malley in today's Boston Globe, on improving preaching in an archdiocese where less than 20 of the estimate 2 million parisioners go to Mass.

Another highlight:

O'Malley's sermons off "an upbeat depiction of Catholic faith -- Jesus as the happiest bridegroom ever, filled with love for people, asking people to give themselves to God and one another."

And this closing:

O'Malley often jokes about the poor quality of Catholic preaching -- a frequent complaint of Catholic worshipers, and historically less of a priority in Catholic worship services than in many Protestant congregations. O'Malley said he is concerned about the quality of Catholic preaching, and is contemplating organizing workshops for local priests. ''Sometimes people will come up to me and say, 'Oh, bishop, that's the best sermon I've heard in my life,' " O'Malley said. ''It used to fuel my vanity. Now it just instills panic in me."


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