Some thoughts from the New York Times on poverty and the New Orleans disaster:

  • "If Sept. 11 showed the power of a nation united in response to a devastating attack, Hurricane Katrina reveals the fault lines of a region and a nation, rent by profound social divisions."
    Mark Naison, Fordham University

  • "It's dangerous to be poor. It's dangerous to be black. It's dangerous to be Latino."
    Martín Espada, the University of Massachusetts

  • "Most cities have a hidden or not always talked about poor population, black and white, and most of the time we look past them. This is a moment in time when we can't look past them. Their plight is coming to the forefront now. They were the ones less able to hop in a car and less able to drive off."
    Spencer R. Crew, president and chief executive officer of the national Underground Railroad Freedom Center


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