Why I Might Stop Blogging

Time again for an extended blogging vacation.

I could blame it on the load green poop my three year old dropped in the center of the bathroom floor, or my unintentional flushing of her Dora the Explorer underwear down the toilet--after swishing the rest of the green poop off of it. Or the third pair of clothes I had to put on her, courtesy of a soaking under the garden house by her brother. Then there was the general disarray of the yard--with broom and bikes amid the standing pools of water from the hose. All of which I missed because of a spirited blogging session about the relative merits of megachurches. Bugger.

My workload could be blamed as well; the book and some articles are beckoning. That's part of it. But not all.

The real reason is that blogging is proving, at least for me, bad for my soul. For some people--RealLivePreacher, Bene Diction , Randall Freisen, Linea Lanoie and Scot McKnight--blogging is a positive spiritual practice.

Blogging is bad for me soul, because it tempts me to drink deep of contempt. The temptation of put others down in order to build myself up, to prove somehow that I am a better or more authentic Christian than someone else.

At it makes me mean, and angry. So angry that I yell at my kid for the mess they made under the less than watchful eye of their blogging dad.

I'd rather not be mean. Or full of contempt. So off I go. For now.


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