Taylor Book News

The GP Taylor biography officially exists; Zondervan has posted the cover and basic info on GP Taylor: Sin, Salvation, and Shadomancer, as told to Bob Smietana. We'll get proofs soon, and the book is due out in October. I'm biased of course, but this a great story of God's grace over the long haul.

Graham's newest book, Tersias, is due out in the US this May, and Bene Diction reviewed it for Spero News and gave it a thumbs up.

Taylor's growing skill is evident in this newest novel. The reader's fears are laid bare; uncertainty, loneliness, hardship, confusion and longing are as identifiable in Taylor's landscape as they are our own. The unseen is seen through the Jonah, Tara, Maggot, Tersias and Malachi - the innocents swept up in events beyond their ability to understand and cope with. The characters are more stark; good, evil and the redeemed, and, as in his previous books, Taylor gives nothing away to help the reader guess who will find redemption


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