No Bigger Than a Minute:On Tuesday Night

Looking for something to watch on Tuesday night?

No Bigger Than a Minute, a a documentary film by Steven Delano, is airing at 9pm Eastern on PBS.

Here's the description:

Few people ever meet a dwarf face-to-face. In this personal journey, dwarf documentary filmmaker Steve Delano shows first-hand how a genetic mutation marks a person for life. He reveals the isolation of his school age years, his "ludicrous" strategies to fit in, as well as the mixed blessings of dwarfism. In No Bigger Than a Minute, Delano exercises his license of stature and irreverent sense of humor to confront head-on conventional representations and misperceptions about dwarfs. From growing up a "freak"-a form of forced celebrity-to finally accepting and asserting his difference, Delano provides an idiosyncratic perspective based on a tip-toe life, and contemplates a future where genetic engineering may eliminate "people-of-difference" altogether

I'll be watching. Steven's a funny and gifted filmmaker--and the clips so far seem great. (He's also my cousin.)


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