Praying for Jocks

The Trib has a fascinating take on religion and sports with a feature on the athletes at Principia College, a school run by Christian Scientists.

Just the facts reporting and lots of great detail of the interaction of the student's belief in faith healing and common injuries in games.

Sprain an anke? You'll get no ice here--instead you'll get a prescription for prayer.

Dave Motzer, a trainer, is brought in to care for members of visiting teams during games.

"I haven't seen too many sick athletes up here, to be honest," he said. "I've seen athletes from Principia injured, and they get in a meditative state. No whining or yelling. They're very calm, quiet, almost reverential. You may see someone put a hand on them, pray with them. It's very individual and quiet."

There are some exceptions, like women's soccer player Devon Neale, who had reconstructive knee surgery after blowing out her knee in a game.

She's got the best quote of all.

"We don't practice Christian Science to make us better soccer players," she said. "We practice soccer to make us better Christian Scientists."


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