Merry Back stabbing Christmas

There's no Merry Christmas in the Wisconsin State Capitol, where Republican Alvin Ott sent out a holiday greeting, entitled "Time for God." soon after some politically motivated budget cutting by Republican Assembly Speaker John Gard .

Rep. Marlin Schneider is peaved. He's got to fire one of his staff just before the holidays because of the cuts.

"Don't give me any spirit of the season crap," Schneider told Ott in an email quoted in the " Madison Capital Times, "when your leader is forcing me to fire one of my staff in the meanest, most partisan, most nasty thing I have ever witnessed around here in my 34 years in this place."

He went on:

My aide's little boy will lose his health insurance and his dad his job on Jan. 1 with the holiday cheer you Republicans spread around here. I am in no forgiving mood when I see this kind of 'lump of coal at Christmas' action by Republicans who praise Jesus with their e-mails and compel actions that are the total reverse of Christianity and then this nice little note about Jesus.

Merry Christmas indeed.


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