Jesus. C.S. Lewis and Bullshit

Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis's godson, had this to say to Christianity Today's movie site, when asked why American Evangelicals have embraced his godfather, who smoked, told dirty jokes, and drank beer.

One of the reasons is that through the—if you can excuse the expression—the bulls--- that has come to be taken so seriously in American Christianity, through all of that, they can still see the essential truth that Jack represented. The problem with evangelical Christianity in America today, a large majority of you have sacrificed the essential for the sake of the trivial. You concentrate on the trivialities—not smoking, not drinking, not using bad language, not dressing inappropriately in church, and so on. Jesus doesn't give two hoots for that sort of bulls---. If you go out and DO Christianity, you can smoke if you want, you can drink if you want—though not to excess, in either case.

But I think that even past the trivialities, many evangelical Christians can see the ultimate truth to what Jack wrote. I think that's why he's so popular.

You'll find the quote at the end of the interview


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