Boston's New Curse

OK, so it's been a week since the Red Sox won the World Series, and a new curse has been born in Boston. It's been 44 year since JFK won the White House and since then, 4 candidates from Massachusetts have run for president, and all 4 lost. Teddy Kennedy lost in the 1980 primaries, Paul Tsongas (one of my all time favorites) lost in the primaries in 1992, Michael Dukakis lost in 1988, and now Kerry.

''It seems like it's sort of a culture war. It seems like the rest of the country is pretty angry at us for some reason," Michael Kelleher, 54, of Brockton, told the Boston Globe. ''I just don't get it . . . It makes me feel sort of alienated."

One Bay Stater was less civil about it.

Jessica Johnson told the Globe: "(Kerry)could have made a great president. Many Americans have nothing between their ears. Americans are fat, lazy, and stupid. I don't like this country anymore."


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