Mel Gibson Made Me Drive My Car Into a River

In perhaps the ultimate reach in trying to tie stories to The Passion, the New Britain Herald reports this story of a local woman who drove her car into a river. Police say she was trying to reenact a scene from the Passion.

Huh? Perhaps she was just unhinged—the story does mention that she has had psychological problems.

But if she said aliens made her do it, would a reporter with a recap of the Area 51 conspiracy theories.

Nope. But this story leaps into an explanation of the Passion controversy.

The movie, produced by actor Mel Gibson, has generated a swarm of controversy. The film, which debuted on Ash Wednesday and is considered to appeal mainly to conservative Christians, depicts a bloody chronicle of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. The film has also been accused by some of being anti-Semitic. Some Jewish and Christian leaders have said they feared the film would promote the notion that Jews collectively were responsible for Christ's death.

No where does it mention that The Passion takes place in the first century or that there are no cars in it and no bodies of water. And what does anti-Semitism have to do with this poor woman’s troubles (she’s in her 40s, is married and has kids).



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