Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder what God was thinking.

Like the other day, when these were lead headlines when I opened my AOL browser:

  • Child Pronounced Dead Shows Vital Signs
  • 2,000 Feared Dead in Haiti, Dominican Republic Floods

In the first story, Logan Pinto, a 22 month-old toddler, fell into a canal. He was underwater for 30 minutes, and his lifeless body was found a half a mile downstream from where he fell in.

But an hour after he was pronounced dead, a nurse who was getting his body ready for the funeral home noticed the boy was breathing. He was rushed to a hospital and recovered fully.

"It's called divine intervention, I think," said a local officer who had tried to rescue the boy.

I want to believe that something miraculous happened to this boy, that God intervened, that for once this kind of story didn't end in tragedy.

But was God to busy to intervene in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where more than 1,100 people have already been buried in mass graves after perishing in a flood?

I don't have answer for that question.

We've had floods near our home recently, where the Des Plaines River was almost 5 feet over flood stage

The Trib ran a picture of a family in their flooded backyard--the lifejacketed kids on a swing, splashing through the four foot high water, having the time of their lives.

Things are a little different in Haiti>

"Children stand naked amid their shattered homes, crying for help. Others wander the streets in their underwear, desperately searching for food.

It has been a horrible week in this impoverished community along a line of mountains bordering Haiti, where the deadliest flooding in a generation on the Caribbean isle of Hispaniola has claimed 1,454 lives so far, with hundreds more missing and presumed dead.

We in America get to laugh in the backyard in floods, and buy $2,500 outfits ro make us feel better--in Haiti ,they get to drown in floods and scrounge the streets for food.

I just don't get it.


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