Toss Out All The Muslims?

Relapsed Catholic had a link to a piece from Front Page Magazine,with this novel idea on fighting terrorism.

Toss all the Muslims out of the US.

That's the basic point made by columnist Lawrence Auster, who argues that Muslims cannot be "assimilated" into US culture, and criticizes conservative who want to assimilate Muslims.

Auster writes:

  • To assimilate means to make similar or the same; and the American Creed teaches us that all people in the world are basically the same as us, or can readily be made the same as us.

  • The problem, of course, is that Moslems by and large are not the same as us, nor can they be made the same as us, for the simple reason that they adhere to a religion and a set of beliefs that are radically incompatible with—and indeed hostile to—our culture and our very being as Westerners.

  • Which means that most Moslems cannot be assimilated in any real sense, no matter what we do.

Auster has one point that I agree with--Muslims have a different world view than JudeoChristian Americans do. He wasn't intending to do so, but he's pointed out a underlying flaw in our foreign policy. The Bush administration seems to think Iraqis are basically Texans who speak Arabic and that of course they want to have a country just like ours.

That they might have a different worldview seems to have escaped them.

The rest of the piece is the same kind of paranoid thinking anfearmongeringng that led us to place Japanese Americans intintermentnt camps in WWII.

Auster says that we live in "fear of domestic terrorism" because, basically we've got too many Muslim here and we can't sort out the good from the bad, so we've got to get rid of as many as possible.

You know what's the scary thing--I've heard lots of generally level headed, clear thinking friends say basically the same thing.

Nevermind that Muslims groups in the US have denounced terrorism, or that there was no evidence that the September 11 hijackers were devout Muslims by any stretch of the imagination. Or that Muslim American soldiers have been killed in serving their country in Iraq, just like Christian and Jewish soldiers (and Sikh) soldiers have been killed. Or that the September 11 attacks killed Muslims too.

Here's the deal. The Septemeber 11 attacks were not "domestic terrorism." These were not Americans who did this--they were Saudis citizens working for a foreign terrorist group. We ought to fear them--not Muslim American.

There's so irony that this Frontpage piece came out the same week that Terry Nichols was convicted of 161 murders in the Oklahoma City bombing. That attack was domestic terrorism by JudeoChristian Americans.

The fundamental American principal is that all of us were created equal, and were endowed by our creator with unalienable rights. Life, Liberty, for example. Even if you are Muslim.

That's something Mr. Auster has forgotten.

Lets hope that my level headed friends have not.


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