Moral Backbone

A typical blog commentary about Terri Shiavo before her death, entitled "Terri's Pained Attempt to Speak" from Dawn Eden

It's Terri, all right—the voice is recognizable from the videos of her.

She painstakingly says "Hi" to her father, and attempts to respond when he asks her if various parts of her body hurt.

There is no way that this woman is in a "persistent vegetative state."

This is barbarism. An innocent woman is being tortured and murdered.

Today, there's mostly silence from Dawn and other pro-Terri about the release of her autopsy , or quotes from medical examiner Dr. Stephen J. Nelson in in this AP story

The autopsy does not determine the moral question--was it right or wrong to disconnect Schiavo's tube. But it does make it crystal clear that Schiavo was not capable of talking to her parents or of consciously responding to them or aware that she was "being tortured and murdered."

Being a Christian means having the moral courage to stand up for what is right, and to admit when you were wrong.

That's something Eden and other Schiavo supporters seem unable to do.

Christianity Today's Weblog deserves credit for its straightfoward reporting of the autospsy

Peace to her memory.


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