The worst part of finishing a Harry Potter book, besides knowing there will be a two year wait till the next installment--is that Rowling usually ends with more questions than answers.

Spoiler alert! the rest of this post is out of bounds for all those who've not got to the end or don't want to know what happens. Please skip away to somebody else blog at this time.

OK, they are all gone.

What I want to know is, in the climax of the book, was Dumbledore asking Snape to spare his life, or to take it? It changesit he whole meaning of the book doesn't it?

I say he was asking him to take his life--because he didn't want Malfoy to do it and hoped that that Malfoy could be saved, and putting Snape in a position where he could repay the debt he owes to the Potters. Anybody else got a thought on this?


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