The Abstract Factory has a, shall we say, rather ingenious idea (borrowed from the Mafia) for shutting up proponents on Intelligent Design. Kneecap them. .

So much for civilized conversation.

The problem is that, while breaking your opponent's kneecaps sounds like fun, it's not going to get scientists and other evolution advocates any closer to ending the "Evolution War." Neither violence nor a federal court are going to stop people from believing that God created the world, and from trying to teach their kids that God created the world.

A little humilty seems to be in order. Somewhere someone brave science educator or scientist needs to tell the truth about evolution--that it's our best guess about the mechanics of how life came to be. It's an educated guess, based on observation and analysis. But there are still mysteries to how it all works. In 10 years, we'll understand the process better. In 100, if we've not blown ourselves to smithereens or poisoned the planet, we'll understand more.

Even then, evolution will be limited to "how" life came to be. It won't explain why it came to be, or what life means. It certainly can't tell us if God exists. And the theory of evolution itself is constantly evolving. We have yet to scratch the surface of understanding the secrets of the universe.

Any class on evolution ought it begin with that simple confession. Followed up with a trip outside to a place where the city lights have faded and the stars shine bright all around, and for a few minutes, a class and their teacher can experience the awe and majesty of the universe.

Understanding starts with humilty, not broken kneecaps.


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