No Safe Muslim Charities

So much for unleashing the armies of compassion, at least the Muslim ones.

With Ramadan beginning this week, American Muslims have no guarantee their donations won't end up being locked away by the US government-- or that they won't be accused of supporting terrorists because of their donations. The FBI has refused to create a list of "safe Muslim charities" that are not in danger of having their assets frozen or under investigation for terrorist ties.

In the US, this has been the most underreported religion story since 9/11. There have been no convictions on terrorism related charges for leaders of Muslim charities in the US, though charges have been filed against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development , the largest US Muslim charity.

The FBI's decision puts American Muslims in a difficult situation.

"If the government knows there are charities that are misleading the American Muslim community, it's their obligation to help protect these innocent Americans," said Sohail Mohammed, a lawyer for the New Jersey-based American Muslim Union.


Redemption and the Red Sox

Curt Shilling prayed for strength and the Red Sox seek redemption tonight at Yankee Stadium.

All I know is that when I watch the Red Sox, I am home again. I am a little boy watching the game on my grandfather's lap, I am walking to Fenway with my mother before her MS, I am falling asleep in bed with my transistor radio on and earphone in, listening the calming tones Ned Martin putting me to sleep.



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