Once a terrorist--now a priest

Teenaged terrorist, mail bomber, attempted murderer. Shane Paul O'Doherty was all of these--now he wants to be a Catholic priest.

"Hell," he tells the Boston Globe Magazine, "If I can be saved, anyone can."


A Bestseller?

"If GP Taylor didn’t exist, you couldn’t make him up," writes Barry Didcock in the Sunday Herald

Here's the lead of Didcock's piece:

A drug-taking teenage punk who became a social worker then later a policeman and Anglican priest, he has hinterland like Sheherazade had stories. Examine the detail and there’s even more to the tale. He once roadied for The Sex Pistols, could only communicate with his profoundly deaf street sweeper father through sign language, has a mouthful of gold teeth courtesy of a beating he took as a policeman, and regularly performed exorcisms during his years as Anglican priest at St Mary’s in Whitby, the fictional resting place of Count Dracula. A book about Taylor would be a bestseller. Instead, two books by the 47-year-old have pulled off the same feat and a third, Tersias, looks set to repeat it.

Here's hoping that Barry Didcock can tell the future, at least when it comes to bestsellers, because a book about Taylor's life is due out in the fall of 2006--an "as told to" biography that I'm currently in the middle of writing.


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