Order Early, Order Often

Hurry, Hurry, you could be the first to pre-order a fabulous new book .

Take it from me--I've read the book and it's fabulous. (OK, I co-wrote it, so there's some bias here.)

In case you're wondering, the book is GP Taylor: Sin Salvation and Shadowmancer, an "as told to" autobiography of GP Taylor author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood, and Tersias . It's a story of redemption, serendipity, and God's grace over the long haul-- along with the various misadventures of a teenaged runaway turned social worker, Yorkshire policeman, vicar, and bestselling author-- kind of The Commitments meets the Vicar of Dibley, with a little bit of James Herriot, Father Joe, Police Squad, and ER mixed in.

A good time will be had by all.


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