Sin, Salvation, Shadowmancer

The book countdown is on.

Four days till the UK release of GP Taylor; Sin Salvation and Shadowmancer (as told to yours truly).

Here on the other side of the Atlantic, it's still 34 days to the big release of this story about God's unexpected grace. (Still it's not to early to pre-order

To whet your appetite, here's a few of the early stories about GP (Graham Peter) Taylor, the once time "all around sinner" turned vicar and New York Times bestelling author.

An interview from the Australian Broadcasting Company: "From Wicca to Vicar to Hollywood" .

And a profile from the New York Times-- that includes this summary of Graham's early life:

Mr. Taylor, 46, was not always moved by evangelical fervor. Much of his youth was spent, he said, in the precincts of ''sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.''

His father, Frank, was profoundly deaf, a shoe repairman or, in Mr. Taylor's words, ''a mender of soles.'' (''I am a mender of souls,'' the large and jolly Mr. Taylor likes to say.) His mother, Mary, was severely hearing impaired and worked in a cafeteria. As a child, Mr. Taylor learned to communicate with them by watching them talk to each other in sign language.

The family, which included two sisters, lived in a government housing project. When he was 13, Mr. Taylor was expelled from school. ''I hung a friend out the window,'' he said, ''set fire to the desks. I'd taken a radiator off the wall, dyed my hair bright red.''

At 15 he moved out of the house, lived with a girlfriend and became part of the punk rock scene, imbibing quantities of drugs and alcohol. ''It was good fun,'' he said. ''But it was stupid and dangerous.''

When he was 21 Mr. Taylor found God. He was working in a community center for the deaf and elderly. ''I had been searching for the truth,'' he said. His co-workers began talking to him about the power of Christianity.

''Very gently and very slowly they dismissed every argument I had,'' he said. ''I didn't become a born-again Christian. It wasn't like Saul on the road to Damascus. Over a period, I realized this was the way I should follow.''

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

And remember, preorder often .


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