Pray, If You've Got a Minute

My mom's back in the hospital. She's been undergoing a new MS treatment using a chemotherapy drug, which they hoped would counteract some of the MS symptoms. But it also lowers her immune system, and she's got an infection of some kind. When that happens, she can't even stand up. Which pretty much sucks.

So if you've got an spare prayer, she could use them.


Nuking the Culture

Pop quiz time. What human invention is the most abominable, the most idolatrous, and the most symbolic of the human capacity for self-self destruction?

The ICBM, or intercontinental ballistic missile if you prefer--whose sole purpose is to hasten on the apocalypse by technological, rather than theological means. It's a devilishly clever invention, which makes it possible le for modern nations to annihilate their enemies and commit suicide all at the same time.

As the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the ICBM is the perfect icon for the modern culture of death and the absolute antithesis of the cross of Jesus Christ. It also happens to be the symbol for a new Christian magazine called "Salvo." A magazine, ironically, with the mission of "promoting life in a culture of death."

The initial ads for Salvo, and its early website featured an ICMB as the symbol of the magazine. The ICBM has been replaced by a targeting cross-hair, at least on the website. But this magazine still seems aimed at destroying, rather than redeeming, its enemies and more interested in culture wars than in Christianity.

The church in America has a choice to make. We can be culture warriors, or we can be Christians. We can choose the ICMB or we can choose the cross. But we can't have both.

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Jesus said we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us--not nuke 'em.


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