My friend Matt moved back to Indy last week, just in time to watch the Colts lose to the Patiots this weekend. (Sorry Matt). Here's why. In a Sports Illustrated piece last week, Tedy Bruschi of the Pats weas asked what one play in a game was his favorite.

The punt return, he said.

For those who don't know, Brushi may be the best middle linebacker in the game. He's an all star, and the most impotant player on the team. He also covers punts, which means barreling downfield at full speed and launching your body at the other team's blockers.

It's a job for rookies and no names. Ray Lewidoes does not cover punts, nor Brian Urlacher or any of the other great linebackers in the NFL.

Brushi does, because he's willing to do any job, no matter how dirty to win.


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