A Left Wing Passion?

It's all Time magazine's fault. And Sharon Waxman's

I tried to stay away, really I did. And I tried not to be a grumpy blogger.

But this whole Passion and Fahrenheit 9/11 comparison thing has got to go. Both are controversial and both evoke love or hate in viewers. That's where the comparison ends. One's about the central figure of western civilization and the other is about a president who will be mostly forgotten in 20 years (or less, the way we remember history these days.

Oh, there's that other thing. Fahrenheit 9/11 has made 80 million in two weeks. The Passion made that much in 4 days.

Comparing the Passion and Fahrenheit 9/11 is a little bit like comparing the Super Bowl to the Arena Bowl.

And if it’s true that the films represent two Americas-- as the headline of Waxman’s New York Times piece indicated—then the Passion American is a whole lot bigger.


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