Dreams and Nightmare

The Yorkshire Post has a piece on GP Taylor that mentions the book
(GP Taylor: Sin, Salvation and Shadowmancer, or "S,S,and S" as my lovely wife calls it).

The piece includes this summary of Graham's early life:

He was born to a working-class family in Scarborough.

As a child he was always searching for the meaning of life and flirted with the occult and witchcraft as possible explanations.

He turned his back on education and worked in a local nightspot before
heading to London.

There, Taylor admits, he didn't become a very nice person.

"I was promiscuous: I was a liar, a cheat and a drunk," he says in his
forthcoming autobiography, GP Taylor, Sin, Salvation and Shadowmancer.

Then one day, he says, God told him to go home and He would
find him a job and a wife.

Although he was not a Christian at that time, Taylor says the power of the voice was too strong to ignore and within the week he had packed his bags and returned home to Scarborough.

And this section, on how a stretch of illness change his view on life and death:

"My health problems have completely changed my life.
It has made me realise that every day is important and
how important it is to tell my children that I love them
every single day.

"My daughter Lydia helped me realise that my view of God was like
tunnel vision, now I realise he is everywhere."


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