Small Steps of Faith

While searching background information for an editing project, I came across this quote:

"One little act of obedience creates some space for Jesus to work in the world."

It was a reminder that God works in very small things. An insignificant nation, chosen to save the world. A small boy who gave up his loaves and fishes so that a miracle could take place and thousands of people could be fed. A small group of people, not of them particularly charismatic, given the job of taking the message of the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.

That same God, who spoke the stars into existence became a small baby, born the "straw and shit" of barn, as Bono puts it. After beng crushed under the bootheels of imperial Rome, that same God announced his return by appearing to two small, insignificant women on a Sunday morning. Those women had come to a graveside to do the small act of annointing a body for burial.

Last week, at an enormous event--the Willow Creek Leadership Summit--Jim Collins, business guru and author of Good to Great--told an crowd of thousand that the key to greatness in life lies in taking one small step at time. One small step after another.

Carolyn Pitezel could have told the crowd the same thing--though she's not a business guru and doesn't have mounds of academic research to back her up. She has a different kind of authority--40 years of faithful, behind-the-scenes service at the national offices of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Dorothy Grace Nelson could have also given that lesson as well. A faithful member of one church in Minnesota, who gave herself to her church family year after year, and then made an unexpected gift to her denomination.

One small step of obedience makes room for Jesus to work in the world.

That's a good thing to remember.


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