A Series of Unfortunate Events

Talk about a series of unfortunate events. The Yorkshire Post reports on GP Taylor's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day:

  • First the tyre fell off the car he was riding in, while the car was traveling at 70 miles a hour--the car slid to a halt a few feet from the edge of the Avon Gorge.
  • the tow truck which picked up the wrecked car then caught on fire
  • a second tow truck then broke down when its gear linkage broke.

Hard to believe? Here's how the Post reported it:

"We were travelling about 70mph on the way back when it started to vibrate." Driver Sarah Hill, 32, then pulled off the motorway. "As we were going down the side of the carriageway the wheel came over our heads, overtaking a passing car and narrowly missing a pedestrian," Mr Taylor added.

"We crashed and were only 4ft away from plunging down the Avon Gorge."

The car was later placed on a recovery truck which burst into flames a mile down the M6, causing severe congestion.

All of this happened after he got some threatening emails.


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