Preach It

The Real Live Preacher is a genuis. Too many religion bloggers (and bloggers in general) are either blowhards or Monday morning quarterbacks, complaining about how the media got this wrong, or the media got that wrong, or how the culture just doesn't understand us.

The Preacher, instead, tells it like it is, in a funny and winsome voice that even people who disagree with him can appreciate.

Salon.com asked the Preacher to review the first episode of The Book of Daniel.

The show, according to the Preacher, was suckola, featuring a Jesus who was more Doobie Brother than Savior.

"and all he does is hand out Life Savers and say things like, "Life is hard, but that's why there's a nice reward at the end,"
says the Preacher. "That's no Jesus I ever heard of. Jesus was nice and all, but he was a straight-up ass kicker. Believe it."

So what, the Preacher asked. Think the media or Hollywood is tough on Christians,?

Compared to the Babylonians, they are sissies. The Babylonians, as you may recall, were in the habit of feeding people who believed in Yahweh to the lions or sticking them in a fiery furnance.

The Preacher's advice. Stop worrying what the culture thinks about you, and start acting like a Christian. Maybe then the culture will listen to what the church has to say instead of laughing at us.

Don't take my word for it. Here's the truth, straight from the preacher's mouth:

More and more Christians seem to think that affirmation from our culture is where they will find their power. Since when do religions need affirmation from television stations? That's a little shallow, don't you think? What we should be doing is practicing our devotion and letting our changed lives speak for themselves.

And I've got news for you, Christian. If your faith isn't changing your life enough to make a difference in the world, you've got bigger problems than NBC.

Oh, there is something a little ironic that I want to mention. The first six chapters of the actual book of Daniel -- the one in the Bible -- are about a young man named Daniel and some of his friends who are trying to live out their faith in a very hostile foreign land. Trust me, the Babylonians were much worse than NBC. Daniel's solution was to doggedly worship God in their own way, and let their lives be a quiet and steady witness of their faith.

Their devotion produced a living and real goodness that even won the heart of the King in the end. And all of this happened because they were not foolish enough to try to change Babylon, but rather changed themselves.


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